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Sheepskin Cover Quick Links Guide

The Benefits of Genuine Sheepskin

Tailor-made 100%
Sheepskin Seat Covers
Double Cap 100%
Sheepskin Seat Covers
Tailor-made Deluxe Wraparound Sheepskin Seat Covers Universal Fit Deluxe Wraparound Sheepskin Seat Covers Universal Fit Mosaic Wraparound Sheepskin Seat Covers
Tailor-made Acrylic Pile
Seat Covers
Sheepskin Color Chart Pictures of Sheepskin Covers Installed in Cars

Sheepskin Seat Cover Color Chart

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: How you view the colors in the following pictures is dependent on a variety of factors. The colors may vary from the actual color shown.

HOW TO CHOOSE A COLOR: Your vehicles interior has a color theme, such as Grey, that consists of a variety of shades, tones or complimentary colors that work well together. It is not monotone as most people think. Try to pick a color that works with or is complimentary to the primary color theme.

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wpe20.jpg (43173 bytes)    wpe1A.jpg (36583 bytes)          wpe18.jpg (33882 bytes)     wpe10.jpg (24848 bytes)  
Silver     Dark Silver    Charcoal  Black

wpe1C.jpg (35306 bytes)    wpe1E.jpg (39616 bytes)         wpe16.jpg (42720 bytes)
Gobi       Mushroom   Camel

wpe12.jpg (41301 bytes)    wpe14.jpg (26962 bytes)
Blue       Burgundy


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