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Tweed Seat Covers

The elegant look of basket weave tweed. The entire seat face is backed with 3/8" thick foam padding and then quilted for a distinct look.

Foam Padding: 3/8" of fire retardant foam padding on the entire seat face for extra comfort.

Stitching: 6" Horizontal Pleats

Seat Cover Construction Pictures

Heavy duty fabric supports front and rear pockets for extra storage as will as scabbards on solid bench seats. Click here for examples of pockets.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: How you view the colors in the following pictures is dependent on a variety of factors. The colors may vary from the actual color shown.

HOW TO CHOOSE A COLOR: Your vehicles interior has a color theme, such as Gray, that consists of a variety of shades, tones or complimentary colors that work well together. It is not monotone as most people think. Try to pick a color that works with or is complimentary to the primary color theme. 

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Charcoal Gray Tweed Insert
with Silver Gray Velour sides
and skirt.



Tan Tweed custom fit seat covers with full velour surround in an older Buick LeSabre. These covers looked so close to the original you could hardly tell the difference.


Tweed Colors

Grey         Charcoal

      Not pictured
Tan           Burgundy       Black

Go to this page, Quilted Velour Heavy Duty Seat Covers, to pick Velour Color for the outer panels of the seat cover

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Seat Configuration Tutorial a guide to knowing what kind of seats you have.

Price List, Sales Tax Free

Tailor-made for bucket seats and solid or split benches: $225

Tailor-made for 40/20/40 seats: $320
*Covers for driver, passenger and middle seat bottom
  and armrest/console

20 Section Only: $96
Headrest Covers: $56 a pair or $83 for 3

Armrest Cover: 1 Large or 2 Small $43

Front pockets on straight bench seats: $11 set

Rear pockets on straight bench seats: $11 each

Front or rear pockets on split bench or buckets: $11 each

Long scabbard front or rear: $12 each

Plus freight and handling.

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